Disgruntled Ex-Employee Trashes Boss’ Office with Glitter, Silly String

Samantha Lockhart, 24, won’t be using her former supervisor at the Summit County Fiscal Office in Akron, OH for a reference.

The woman from Akron, Ohio, allegedly used her swipe card to enter the building, then proceeded to smash her 48-year-old former supervisor’s personal photos, spray Silly String and throw toilet paper, glitter and an unidentified white powder around the room. She also broke into the supervisor’s personal filing cabinet.

In the process, police say that Lockhart damaged two desktop computers, a scanner, a printer, the office carpet, and some sweaters that the supervisor had left at her desk.

Lockhart didn’t seem to mind being caught for her actions. She was seen in the building alongside a man, who has not yet been named, carrying a bag and toilet paper.

Lockhart was hired February 27, 2013 and her last day was Monday, Summit County attorney Michael Cassidy said. She had issued her letter of resignation, saying she would work through January 22, however she called in sick on Tuesday. Northeast Ohio Media Group did not list the supervisor’s name, or provide a reason for Lockhart’s departure from the office.

Lockhart was arrested on Thursday and faces charges of fifth-degree felony vandalism, breaking and entering and misdemeanor criminal damaging. She is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.