Pricey Romance: The Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings Ever

Back in the late 1400s the Archduke Maximillan of Austria from the imperial court of Vienna used a diamond ring in his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy to signify their engagement, making it the first well-documented case of its kind.

Since then, the giving of rings to represent a couple’s promise and commitment to one another has become a world-wide practice with the person who proposes typically being the first to offer his or her significant other a ring. In many cultures today an engagement ring is a pricey investment, with people spending tens of thousands and even millions of dollars on a single ring.

While most jewelers suggest the price of the engagement ring be worth three months of the buyer’s salary, the average guy will spend around $5,300 on a ring, according to Brides magazine. Of course the cost can vary wildly from ring to ring. The ones above are those on the high end of the spectrum as the 10 most expensive engagement rings ever. We got the data and images from a fun infographic designed for by Ruby Media Corporation and put it together in a cool little slideshow that shows the top 10 from the least expensive to the most.

You won’t believe some of the mind-boggling figures on the men in these relationships spent on these rocks.

While we can drool over the above rings without any hopes of having our hands on even one of them, the ones below are similar to the more expensive picks but for a much more affordable rate. Check out the beauties below and click over for the details on your favorites.