WATCH: Idiots Blow Up Whale Carcass with Dynamite

The 1970s were a crazy time — there was a gas crisis, Supertramp was popular, shag rugs covered bachelor pads across the nation, people spent hard-earned money on pet rocks, and, perhaps most notably, giant chunks of whale guts rained from the sky.

While that sounds like something from the Old Testament, it’s actually something that really happened in Oregon’s Lane County in 1970.

County officials were baffled when a dead whale washed up on their shores. They had no idea how to properly dispose of the carcass. And, as any government worker will tell you, use a few heaps of dynamite whenever you’re out of ideas.

Because there wasn’t much happening in coastal Oregon, a news crew showed up to record the results of their experiments. We discovered some of the ensuing footage of an exploding whale, full of bad puns you’d only hear on cheap local news stations.

Our personal favorite: “Landlubber newsmen, shortly to become land blubber newsmen for the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.”¬†We wish we’d written that.

Anyway, check out the video to see a cocky highway patrolman humbled by his reckless use of dynamite or for surreal, hilarious images of huge chunks of whale guts raining down on bystanders and even crashing through a car hood.