Explore the Cold, Decaying Chambers of Florence’s Abandoned Slaughterhouse

Photographer Pietromassimo Pasqui recently captured the grim images of an abandoned and decaying slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in Florence and the result is nothing short of haunting.

The facility was once owned by the Catalani brothers, who according to Scribol likely lived on the premise of this meatpacking plant with their family, which is evident in the pieces of everyday life scattered among the rust and mold covered interiors. The juxtaposition of regular objects next to apparatuses that were once used to end the lives of animals is both eye-opening and chilling.

Images of what looks like dried blood, stark cold chambers and echoing rooms may make the hair stand on the back of our neck, but for the photographer there is beauty to be found here.

“I do not think about decay in these places” he explains. “I think about history. About passing time. And about the workers’ life.”

Check out Pasqui’s images above and go to Scribol for more.