Explorers Find One Million Dollars-Worth of Collectibles in Abandoned Detroit Factory

A group of explorers hit the million dollar jackpot when they stumbled upon a treasure trove of collectibles in an abandoned factory warehouse in Detroit. Covered in dust, but otherwise mint-condition, were thousands upon thousands of Topps sports cards.

Some were stored away in crates, others scattered across the floor. Still, others were packed away in boxes piled high on wooden pallets.

According to The Daily Mail, although each card individually is only worth between $0.99 and $5.99, due to the massive size of the discovery the collection could be worth millions.

Apparently the cards are technically the property of the building’s owner, however the location has been left abandoned for such a long time—with easy access for those brave enough to trespass.

Check out the photos above to see some of the massive find.