Doctors Remove Giant ‘Boiled Egg’ from Man’s Abdomen

When a 62-year-old man went to the hospital with complaints of feeling a frequent urge to urinate for more than 20 years, the culprit turned out to be something he could have never imagined.

Initially the doctors found nothing wrong, but after performing a CT scan of his abdomen, they discovered what’s being described as a giant ‘boiled egg’ pressing on his bladder. The lump was essentially a ‘free-floating, smooth, firm and rubbery” mass of fat that is believed to have twisted off  from the colon area.

Daily Mail explains the “mass is thought to form when epiploic appendages – puches of fat wrapped in the colon’s membrane – are twisted away so they become detached and loose. They transform into fibrous lumps and become calcified.”in-post

The man’s case was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, since his 10 cm long and 7.5cm wide lump is incredibly more rare than the 5cm wide lumps that have been seen in other patients. It’s important to note, however, that even those cases are relatively rare.

These so called “peritoneal loose bodies” usually don’t have any symptoms when they are small, but as they grow, they can obstruct the bowel, block the bladder, cause urine retention, or the frequent sensation of having to urinate.

After removing the mass form the man’s body and dying it with green ink (pictured here), doctors were able to see all the different layers, which consisted of a ring of calcified tissue surrounding fibrous tissue, protein and fibrous material in the center.