These Fabergé Fractals Will Make You Wish You Paid Attention in Math Class

App and graphics developer Tom Beddard makes the rational subject of math appear very, very fascinating.

If you were ever one of those students in school who completely dreaded math and nodded off every chance you got when your teacher was talking about corresponding sides of similar triangles, after checking out some of Beddard’s Fabergé Fractals you’ll dismiss the notion that math is useless.

He used a combination of math, geometry and 3D technology on his computer to create images that appear so physically realistic that you imagine you could actually pick them up and hold them in the palm of your hands.

While mathematics continues to play a striking role in our growing understanding of our Universe, Beddard’s work gives us an alternative glimpse into just how beautiful the art of numbers and abstract structures can be.

Check out Beddard’s kaleidoscopic Fabergé Fractals in the slideshow above.