Facebook Friends Accidentally Discover They are Aunt & Niece

Recently we posted an insane story about a crazy mom who tried to sell her kids on Facebook to raise bail money for her locked up boyfriend.

But now we have a feel-good story about the social networking site actually bringing family together.

Paula O’Brien always wondered about the little girl her older brother and his girlfriend gave away when O’Brien was 10 years old. In a recent Facebook post she talked about that little girl and the impact abortion can have on a family. She mentioned the date – Sep 19, 1982 – the girl was born on and said she was her first niece.

Abbey Donohoe of Bettendorf, one of O’Brien’s friends, read the post and realized the date of birth was her own but the year was off. So she responded and asked if O’Brien was sure it wasn’t Sep 19, 1983 because that’s when she was born. O’Brien noted to her friend of four years that she might be right.

The two compared more notes, including the names of Donohoe’s birth parents, and discovered they are in fact related and Donohoe is indeed O’Brien’s niece.

“It was just a surreal [feeling] of ‘is this really happening? Did I really just accidentally find my birth family?’” Donohoe, who had never before felt the desire to find her real parents, told KWQC News.

As for O’Brien – well, she was elated. “My family had prayed for this for years,” she said “For 29 years we dreamed of this day and it’s here!”