Woman Makes Fake License Plate Out of Cardboard to Fool Cops

I once got a ticket for not having a front license plate. To remedy that, I went to the DMV and got an extra license plate, but maybe I should’ve taken a page out of this woman’s book and just made my own.

Or not, because I’m not a crazy person.

This Massachusetts woman was inevitably caught with a homemade license plate, made from cardboard and drawn with pens and colored pencils. The woman clearly took some pains to make it look like a real license plate, even drawing in the state motto — but that wasn’t enough to fool those crafty Massachusetts cops.

She was pulled over on Tuesday driving down the I-391 in Chicopee, a town in the southern part of the state.

Evidently, the police found the whole ordeal as hilariously ridiculous as we do, as they posted a photo of the confiscated license plate on Facebook.

“The operator of the vehicle was charged with several violations, including having a suspended license and revoked registration,” Massachusetts State Police wrote on their Facebook page. “Moral of the story, if you shouldn’t be driving, please don’t.”

We’ve included the full Facebook post below, so you can see in detail the woman’s amazing handiwork and the Massachusetts State Police department’s impeccable sense of humor.