Crazy Aussie Runs Into Tornado Just to Take a Selfie

This video may be fake, but it’s way cool!

Dust tornadoes, or dust devils (since they are not an actual tornadoes), are usually pretty harmless, but but on rare occasions, these things have been known to pose a threat after picking up speed and mass.

According to the above video, it looks as if these things could really do some damage.

We wonder how things would have turned out for him had he not made it back inside the safety of his vehicle. At the least, he probably would have experienced what it felt like to be pelted with tons of sand and rock. But who knows — he may have very well ended up in the land of Oz.

Our go-to-man here in the office, Andrew,┬ásaid that this video “was so sick.” You know that means, you should probably watch it.