Family Finds Over 100 Snakes In Their House

A family in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan thought nothing of it when they found a few garter snakes in their basement. It isn’t abnormal in their neighborhood to find snakes searching for a warm place to stay this time of year. But it wasn’t long before their house became overrun with snakes and they had to call for help.

Some snakes started popping up in the floor and through cracks in the walls. Then, they were finding snakes in the other areas of the house—the kitchen, bedrooms, between boxes, and underneath furniture. There were snakes everywhere.

Although garter snakes are common garden snakes and do not pose a threat to people, the family called in a wildlife rescue team to rid the residence of the nuisance. The Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center came to collect the snakes.

The program’s director Megan Lawrence told CBC news that the snakes were already going into hibernation for the winter and were inactive and barely moving, making the team’s job a lot easier.

She said:

“So we just were, you know, picking up boxes and things off the floor and just found them and just caught them by hand. And then we were transporting them in buckets and pillowcases.”

Lawrence said she and a partner had about five pillowcases in all by the time they were ready to transport the snakes. The longest snake was almost three feet long.

In all, 102 snakes were removed from the residence, but she expects that there are more serpents still hiding in the house. Lawrence and her team brought the snakes back to the center. For now, she will be caring for the rescued snakes until they are cleared for release back into the wild.