Family Releases Heartbreaking Photo of ‘Cyclops’ Baby

A newborn baby born with a ‘cyclops’ eye has a tragic prognosis, and is not expected to live for every long. The child, a little boy, was born with several rare deformities that include a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

Doctors believe the child may only live a few days at most.

Baby Born as Cyclops

The boy is missing a nose, and his eye sockets did not form correctly in the womb, causing the condition that gives him the similarity to the one-eyed giant from Greek mythology. He also has a malformed heart.

The child was born in Egypt, according to a Saudi Arabian media outlets, and is under the care of Dr. Ahmed Badruddin. Dr. Badruddin believes that the terrible affliction may have been caused by exposure to radiation in the womb.

It is also possible that it resulted from a combination of medications taken by the mother during pregnancy.

The condition is known as cyclopia, and is more common in animals. The deformity can occur four in every 1,000 pregnancies but, according to the Daily Mail, most of those pregnancies do not go to full term.

The photo was released by the child’s family.