Meet the Family of 6 Who Have Been Living in an Airport for Over a Month

A refugee family thought they were leaving one prison but they just ended up in another. Hasan Abdo Ahmad, his wife and four children came from a small Iraqi city after they were invaded by multiple suicide attacks.

Looking for a way out the family decided to flee to Russia, however they didn’t make it very far. According to NBC News,  Once at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport their passports were confiscated after trying to apply for asylum because security officials thought their passports were fake.

Despite their passports being authentic the guards still neglected to let them leave the airport. Now nearly 50 days later the family has set up a new home in a smoking area inside a terminal. In a Skype interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News Ahmad explained how still despite their situation the airport is better than their home.  “Despite all that’s happened to us here, I don’t want to return home.”