5 Famous People You Maybe Shouldn’t Admire

WARNING: If you’re a fan of the following famous names, then you probably shouldn’t read this article.

That’s the message we got after seeing David Merline‘s story on the well-known car website Web2Carz. In it, the senior writer takes five iconic figures in popular culture — John Lennon, Elvis, Ronald Reagan, Chuck Berry and Winston Churchill — and exposes some dirt little secrets about each of their pasts. At first glance they seemed too strange, so we did a little Google searching to verify that they were real. Shockingly, they are.

In some cases, such as with “The Bulldog of Britain” Winston Churchill, these are facts that were basically public knowledge at the time but not necessarily considered as bad as they are today. Other tidbits about dead celebrities, such as the one involving Beatles icon John Lennon, were known at the time but then got brushed aside with his death, the media instead wanting to focus more on his contributions to society rather than his personal failings. With Elvis and Chuck Berry, these men’s legacies were clearly protected because they lived in a pre-social network world, otherwise their scandalous behavior would have gotten out into the world and ruined them.

And then there’s Ronald Regan, who is regarded as a hero by many in both the Republican and Democratic parties, despite the fact that many of his policies would be considered Socialist to many conservatives these days. The information about him was rather startling, and only came to light following his death.

Again, if you don’t want your vision of these men tarnished then it’s best to move on to something else on the site. You know, like silly cat videos. Otherwise, check out the slide show above.