How to Play Fantasy Football for Money

If you’re like me, you probably feel like you can never spend enough time playing fantasy football. I’m always sneaking off to the bathroom at work just to check some stats, read blogs, and try to get the one-up on all my buddies. Seriously, I think I spend more time thinking about my team than Bill Belichick does about the Patriots. Of course, that’s Bill’s job and he gets paid big bucks to do it (most of which he spends on hoodies). You don’t make big bucks playing Fantasy Football.

Well, that’s what I thought until a few days ago.

One of the guys in my league sent an e-mail saying we should move our league over to Draft Kings. There are a lot of sites like this one, and the guys and I have always been reluctant to shift to a new site; it’s too much of a hassle and there never seems to be a big benefit from doing it. But Draft Kings is offering $250,000 to anybody who plays fantasy football.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d heard of sites offering $1,000, maybe $5,000, but a quarter-of-a-million dollars? Either there was a catch or my buddy had made a serious typo. Turns out, it’s the real deal — you can play fantasy football for money.

I’m naturally suspicious, so I decided it was worth taking a few minutes to check out the site — but I have to say, I was definitely impressed. Draft Kings functions like most of the popular fantasy football sites, except for the easy use and big payouts. You create teams for free and then play every week for actual money. You can win based on how much you bet and you can bet anywhere between $5 up to $200, but you can still play for free if you want. Plus, you can reform your team every week, so you’re not stuck with a player who isn’t performing well like in traditional fantasy football.

While they don’t give away $250K every week, their weekly prizes aren’t anything to sneeze at. Last time I checked, they were giving away $50,000. That’s pretty sizeable considering my buddies and I spend ALL YEAR playing for only $500 and a six-pack of beer (We’re cheap, what can I say?).

Some of my friends worried about how legal this is, but after some digging I discovered that Draft Kings is totally legit. That’s because it’s not a sports-betting site. In 2006, the federal government ruled that Fantasy Football is not a game of chance, it’s a game of skill. Therefore, they can offer as much money as they want. That’s right—I can now make more money playing Fantasy Football than I can at my job. And best of all, I don’t have to put up with my boss!

Long story short: my league is signing up for Draft Kings. They even let you play NBA games, so some of my basketball buddies and I will be trying that out.