WATCH: Fashion Week Attendees Caught in Ridiculous Lies

This isn’t the first time Jimmy Kimmel Live has sent people to pose as a legit news team to catch interviewees in lies — in fact, they’ve made a whole segment out of it, called “Lie Witness News.”

In this latest version, Kimmel’s supposed news team take to the streets of New York City to prey on fashionistas attending Fashion Week. And the results are hilarious, as you might expect.

Watch as these overdressed attendees desperately try to seem hip and knowledgeable, pretending to have knowledge of such made up designers as Chandler Bing and Betsy Ross. There’s even a great payoff where they try on an absurd outfit and say how much they love it.

It all goes to show you, the emperor so often has no clothes. Or in this case, he’s wearing the most ridiculous clothes imaginable.