Fashionista Sues Cyclist She Ran Over Because His Bike Damaged Her Car

Artist John Roemer was riding his bicycle along a New York City street in Williamsburg when he was struck by a dark gray Infiniti sedan coming from behind. The incident, which took place on May 14 at around 6 p.m., landed Roemer in the hospital’s intensive care unit for four days, but that wasn’t the end of the ordeal.

Now, the driver of that sedan is demanding recompense from the cyclist she nearly killed, suing Roemer to the tune of $2,000 to pay for repairs on her car.

Vocativ reports that Kionnei Lyons, a 25-year-old fashion photographer, was driving the car when she struck Roemer from behind, forcing him to roll from his bike to the street shoulder to avoid certain death. The car dragged his bike frame for nearly 30 feet before stopping.


“I fell to the side, and the bike and the car kept going,” Roemer told Vocativ. “She had to stop because the steel frame was dragging.”

Lyons then exited the car and asked Roemer if he was alright. The cyclist rested on the curb, alongside Lyons’ boyfriend, who was in the passenger’s seat during the crash.

“He was like, ‘What happened to my car?'”

Roemer said his contact with the two of them ended after that. He remains uncertain what caused the accident, which resulted in multiple fractures in his pelvis and still causes him leg pains from possible nerve damage. Lyons’s insurer reimbursed him for his broken bike and hospital bills.

Now though, Roemer might have to pay her $2,000 after she filed a small claims lawsuit. She told Vocativ that the accident wasn’t really her fault.

“There was no bike lane,” she said. “There was a large truck that caused us to merge… I got zero, zip dollars, and he got paid a lot of money. All I’m doing is taking him to court for my car damages.”

Roemer’s lawyer intends to have the case thrown out.