STUDY: Christians Are Likely to Be Fatter Than Atheists

A new study by Coventry University answers an age-old question: which social group is the fattest? The answer: Christians — or, at least they are fatter than atheists. The study, as detailed in the IB Times, says that if you are Christian, you are more likely to be fatter than non-believers,

The study, published in the Journal of Religion and Health and detailed in the IB Times, examined 7,400 people and found that those who believe in God are more likely to have higher body mass indexes (BMIs) than those who don’t.

“Evidence of this association was strongest among those affiliated to a Christian religion,” said Dr. Deborah Lycett, a lecturer in dietetics at Coventry University. “A significantly higher waist-to-hip ratio was also seen in Christian and Sikh men. The association between religion and obesity is unclear and unexplored in the general English population. Some of this was explained demographically, but it was not accounted for by smoking status, alcohol consumption or physical activity level.”

Lycett also said religious populations may need to provide more “healthy weight promotions.” While those who described themselves as religious had higher BMIs in general, Christians ranked fattest among them, closely followed by Sikh men.

Conversely, atheists were almost the thinnest of all groups, second only to Buddhists.