Father and Kids Build Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Out of LEGO

This is probably one of the coolest photo projects we’ve ever seen, and makes us kind of wish we had this guy was our own father.

As you may know, the super hero Wonder Woman traditionally flew an invisible jet. (She doesn’t do that in the comics any longer, but there’s no need to get into those details right now.) You may also recall from the old TV series and cartoons that we often saw Wonder Woman sitting in midair as she piloted the craft. The example below comes from the 1970s show starring Lynda Carter.


While we know there are many LEGO sets based on DC Comics characters, we’ve never seen a Wonder Woman Invisible Jet LEGO. Nevertheless, one dad got the idea that he and his kids would build one on their own from a fictitious LEGO kit, and show photo examples of their creation online. The slide show above lays out the whole story — from opening the box to showing off the 3200 invisible pieces, to putting it together and then displaying a LEGO Wonder Woman sitting inside the completed toy. It’s all pretty genius.

The mastermind behind this project was John Wray, who lists himself as a “writer, animator, poker player, LEGO dad” on his resume. He’s the co-creator of the hit animated web series The Micros, which follows the misadventures of three online poker players, and does really cool stuff.

Check out his photos above. If the invisible jet isn’t great enough for you, look at the smiles on his children who seem to be having a blast with this project. Those are some lucky kids.

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