Teen Father Bites Off Infant Son’s Nose

It’s no secret that a constantly wailing baby can be aggravating, and even maddening.

Sometimes, when they refuse to stop their obnoxious sobbing, aren’t we all sometimes seized by the inexplicable desire to get them to be quiet by biting off part of their face?

Well, that’s what Joshua Cooper, 18, did when his one-month-old son refused to stop crying. According to local police, Cooper bit off his infant son’s nose.

The child’s 17-year-old mother was hysterical when she phoned the Fairfield Police to tell them her son was bleeding from his face, presumably while Cooper taunted the baby in his demented game of “I got your nose.” One can’t help wondering how he plays other children’s games, like peek-a-boo for instance. It must be terrifying.

As much as I may joke, it is a pretty horrific story.

Police report that the child’s mother and other family members were at home at the time of the alleged abuse. The child suffered a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage. The baby was taken to the hospital, and is now in stable condition.

Cooper was charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

The case makes a convincing argument against teen pregnancy. Clearly, most teenagers, like Cooper, aren’t ready for the responsibilities of parenthood when they’re still dealing with pubescent concerns like where they’ll get their next fix of human flesh, or what they’re going to wear to prom.

Come to think of it, what became of the baby’s nose? And how was the child’s skull fractured? Try not to let these unanswered questions haunt you when you go to bed tonight. Click here for more information on the incident.