Bride Dances with Dad on Hospital Bed, Turns Everyone into an Emotional Pile of Mush

If you eyes don’t well up with tears at the sight of this emotional father-daughter dance, we don’t know how to relate to you one bit.

David Wilson couldn’t make it to his daughter’s wedding due to his weak health and was bed-ridden at the hospital. So the family made arrangements to bring the ceremony to him. While that in itself is enough to make a grown man cry, what really did it for us is the moment his daughter asked him for a dance.

His response, “I can’t stand up, honey” is heartbreaking, but doesn’t deter the bride from having the beautiful moment with her dad anyway.

It’s a touching moment that the family will hold on to forever. Mr. Wilson passed away late 2014, but it’s clear to see that the love here is everlasting.

Watch the emotional father daughter dance video above, and be prepared for lots and lots of crying.