Father Encourages Little Kids to Smoke Tobacco from Hookah Pipe

Sharing a water-pipe is thought to be harmless fun, but what about when little kids are encouraged by their parents to smoke?

In the disturbing video above, a brother and sister appear to be enjoying what some call shisha, nargile, hookah or hubble bubble, while their father captures the moment on camera.

These kids can’t be more than four or five-years-old, and yet, they seem to be professionals at taking large puffs and blowing the smoke through their nostrils.

Is this as horrible as that one mother who let her toddler take a bong toke?

One viewer, who saw the footage on US-based site LiveLeak, said: “Don’t think it’s their first time… who the hell lets their kids do this?”

Researchers have admitted that the evidence is limited when it comes to the dangers of smoking through a water-pipe, but suggest that smokers may be at long-term risk for cardiovascular disease, nicotine dependence and even cancer.