Father Finds Knife in Elmo-Themed Walmart Birthday Cake

This has been a bad couple weeks for Walmart. First they get bad press for arresting an employee (who ate some Oreos), then an angry customer allegedly waved her gun at an employee in the parking lot (for refusing to take her coupon in the store), and now a family has found a knife in an Elmo-themed birthday cake.

That’s the story from Nathan Bibeau, of Lewiston, Maine (pictured right). He and his family were celebrating the birthday of his two-year-old son Cayden, when a family member cut into the cake and found a paring knife on the bottom.

Happy birthday, Cayden!

Bibeau contacted the Auburn Walmart right away, but according to the father the party was ruined at that point, with some people leaving “disappointed and upset.”

Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling  told WGME, “This should not have happened. We’re thankful no one was hurt and sincerely apologize to our customers for their experience. We are reaching out to the family to resolve this.” She added that the store was now banning the use of pairing knives at its bakeries across the country.

As for the young father, Bibeau says he has spoken with a lawyer and is considering legal action.

Watch the original WGME news report.

Watch the pretty funny Yahoo! News version of the report.

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