Father Gets Revenge on Karate Instructor Who Kidnapped & Molested His Son (VIDEO)

WARNING: This footage is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Back on March 16, 1984, Gary Plauche did something the majority of parents say they’d do if someone ever hurt their children.

When his 11-year-old son, Jody, went missing nobody ever suspected that his karate instructor was to blame. However, authorities tracked down the boy and Jeffery Doucet to a hotel room in California.

Doucet was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of aggravated kidnapping, though he later confessed to sexually molesting Jody as well as other kids.

jody plauche

While walking through the Metro Airport in Baton Rouge, Doucet was shot in the head with a hollow-point bullet. It was Jody’s father who pulled the trigger.

Standing about three feet away, a disguised Plauche stood near a pay phone and lifted his weapon to fire a single shot. The entire incident was caught on a WBRZ-TV camera.

espn_plauche10_200Doucet later died in the hospital.

Despite breaking the law to get revenge on his son’s attacker, Plauche got off the hook.

In 1985, he pleaded no contest to his manslaughter charge and was handed down a suspended sentence of seven years prison time, five years probation and community service.

Aside from the time he served in jail prior to his trial, he never spend any time behind bars for killing Doucet.

If this was your kid, what would you have done?