Father Listens to Deceased Son’s Heartbeat Inside Another Man’s Chest (VIDEO)

Matt Heisler may have died, but in a sense, he still lives on.

According to KARE, Heisler, a 21-year-old who tragically lost his life in a house fire at the University of North Dakota, was an organ donor.

Soon after his death, the young man’s heart was identified as a match for Vietnam War veteran Tom Meeks. Meeks had been waiting for three excruciating years for a matching donor following his diagnosis with amyloidosis.

The operation, which was a success, took place eight months after that ominous day.

In the video above, Heisler’s father, Jared, as well as his mother and sister, were able to hear his heartbeat once more. We were completely moved to tears watching it.

His selfless decision to become an organ donor not only saved Meeks’ life, but also the lives of 58 other individuals.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Heisler family during this difficult time.

Watch this father listen to his deceased son’s heartbeat in the news clip above.