Father Saves Children, Gets Revenge on Mother Caught Abusing Kids on Hidden Cameras

WARNING: Footage contains graphic violence that is upsetting and NOT suitable for all viewers.

An Indiana father is credited for saving his kids after he used hidden cameras to catch their mother physically abusing them. According to reports, 24-year-old Kendra Beswick was subsequently arrested after the father of her children posted a video to Facebook that showed her abusing their children.

Authorities followed up on the incident caught on tape, after they were notified about the video.

Apparently the man had a gut instinct that something was going wrong, and began to notice bruises on his children.

The father, Steven Corthorn said he confronted Beswick about the bruises, but was given excuses about how the children hurt themselves on accident while playing.

Corthorn said he still felt something was off, so he set up multiple hidden cameras around the house.

The footage he recording apparently shows Beswick abusing the children.

“I don’t know any other kid that would get hit on like that and not just lay there and cry,” Corthorn told WHAS11. “But these kids acted like it was a normal everyday thing. And that’s very upsetting. I can’t believe a mother would put their children through that.”

It isn’t known exactly how old the children are, but we do know that Beswick was arrested and charged with two counts of battery of a child under the age of 14.

Since discovering the abuse, Corthorn has asked a judge to grant him full custody of the children.