Father Throws Playboy Themed Birthday Party for His Daughter, Goes to Jail

Jeff Lake, the guy who threw his daughter a Playboy themed party for her 18th birthday, could now face up to six months in jail.

According to 10News, Lake allowed his daughter, Olivia, to invite around 200 people (most of them underage) to his home in Poway, California, and even provided the alcohol to fuel the festivities.

Obviously, all the underage teenage girls showed up in revealing lingerie. What was this father thinking?!

When police arrived on the scene, Lake was arrested for violating the city’s social host ordinance.

It’s one thing to be a cool parent, but it’s something else entirely when you encourage your kids to take part in this kind of behavior.

Not surprisingly, his daughter couldn’t have cared less that her party was shut down.

The following day, she wrote this on social media: “Huge thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of last night! I hope you all had a damn good time and that you’re all okay and safe.”

Check out more on the story in the ABC10 report above.