WATCH: Dad Reasons with Baby Son, Fails Miserably

This is the very definition of fatherhood and marriage all in one video. This dad reasons with baby son — or at least tries to — and the results are pretty awesome.

The pseudo premise goes like this: Baby wants dad to be with him, very badly, but dad is forced to do laundry thanks to mom, who we’re told is a slave driver. It must be true, because the adorable infant, who seems to have some very valid points according to the father who understands him, is not happy with the end result. And no matter how hard the baby tries, dad can’t seem to budge because of mom (who we suspect is shooting the video herself.)

The reality is what many of us do with children or pets who “talk” to us, but we can’t understand a word they’re saying. The difference here? We think this dad takes things to a great new level because he seems to truly be understanding, and reacting to, his baby’s dialogue. Upon watching it, the video actually seems to make sense.

Whether you’re a parent, someone who likes kids, or the parent of a pet-baby, this one’s for you.

Now, if Google could only invent Google Translate for baby, we’d be all set…

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