FBI Agent Reveals Details of His Years Spent Undercover with Crime Syndicate

An FBI agent known only by the alias ‘David Jordan’ is revealing the details of his life spent undercover to gather evidence from the inside of San Francisco’s Chinatown crime circles. This new information is a part of Jordan’s testimony for the trail against alleged mob boss Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow—pictured above—who stands accused of murder, organized drug crimes, racketeering and more.

The agent revealed that he posed as an Italian-American gangster to gain favor with ‘Shrimp Boy’. He said that to be a member of the kingpin’s syndicate, he had to play the part of a vulgar, racist monster to get information.

During Jordan’s testimony in court, the courtroom was cleared and his true identity was concealed behind screens to preserve his cover since he reportedly continues his work gathering evidence from the inside.

In his testimony he said that he first approached Chow under the pretense of needing help with a money laundering operation for a fake company.

Jordan explained how over the last five years he’s met regularly with Chow, usually in high-end bars and restaurants where the pair would get drunk on expensive cognac, to discuss business that was often of an illegal nature.

Many of the meetings were recorded, and have subsequently led to several arrests.

Through information from Chow’s co-defendants, as well as the recordings made by Jordan the FBI has been able to build their case against Chow and shed light on organized murders and shady businesses and drug dealings.

If convicted, Chow could face 150 years behind bars.