The Pot Farm Where Uncle Sam Goes to Get High

Twenty-two states now allow the purchase and use of marijuana for medical purposes, but there is only one place to get legally grown marijuana —and it’s federally funded!

Lead by Dr Mahmoud Elsohly with the mission to aid law enforcement and research, the University of Mississippi grows some of the purest cannabis available for research and study.  They have over 6,000 plants, and have varieties that contain up to 30% TCH content, many times above the street level content.

It is all under strictly regulated government contract, not to mention security camera surveillance, barbed wire, and armed guard.

As a highly-debated social, medical, and political issue, there is a lot of interest in conducting studies and a booming demand for the controlled substance.  Federal spending for the university to grow the plant and manufacture marijuana cigarettes is nearly a million dollars every year, but they give it away to approved researchers.

Unfortunately for researchers, since the university is the only sanctioned source of pure cannabis and the numerous hoops researchers must jump through for federal approval, it can take months to actually access the marijuana.

Elsohly acknowledges that the path to approval is lengthy and difficult, but doesn’t see the need to change the process. “It takes a longer time,” he said. “Research takes years; a few more months won’t hurt.”

Check out all the details in the video above.