This Former Playboy Bunny Just Converted to Islam

Felixia Yeap went from working as a kindergarten teacher to becoming the first Malaysian Playboy Bunny.

On Thursday, after a seven-month-long journey to learn about Islam, the 28-year-old model told all 835,000 of her Facebook followers that she has chosen to devote her life to Allah at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“I hope everyone will pray that I will be steadfast and committed in my new journey,” she said in comments.

Felixia Yeap

While she never actually posed nude for the camera, Yeap gained a large audience for her racy photos.

In one of her blog posts, she explained what actually led her to Islam:

Yes, I was a Playboy Bunny. [I’ve] done shoots in lingerie, bikinis and attires that are not exactly meant to protect my modesty… but really, all these achievements got me thinking of a woman’s worth. I believe I am more worthy than showing off my body,” she wrote. ”I am MORE than this. I started to look for something deeper…a religion, a God, a better way of living life.

After giving both Buddhism and Christianity a try, Yeap ultimately found her way to Islam by way of the hijab.

I wanted to cover myself up more…be respected and known for who I am inside…not for how much flesh I am showing outside. The first time I put on a hijab was when I went for local telco company TVC casting… and I looked at myself, and I feel liberated…I feel so happy and protected…I feel safe.


Even though she has chosen to live life on a new path, she is still being called “Malaysia’s first and only PLAYBOY Bunny” on the Playboy Philippines website, where photos of her in bikinis and lingerie can be found.