Teacher and Mother of Eight Falls in Love With Her 10-Year-Old Student, Is Completely Cuckoo

Mother of eight Diane Brimble has a ten-year-old’s name tattooed across her chest, emblazoned across an infinity symbol. Brimble, a 47-year-old school teacher, was convinced she was in love with the boy.

Brimble, who lives in Hamilton in the Australian province of Victoria, appeared in court on Monday for a pre-sentence hearing after being found guilty of committing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16.

Judge Mark Taft explained that Brimble took the boy to her house, where she hugged him and asked if he would like to sleep with her. When the boy asked what she meant, she said, “sex.” The boy pushed her away as she kissed his cheek and declared her love. When the boy insisted he wasn’t old enough to have sex, Brimble responded, “You are when you are at my house.”

The boy’s mother expressed pride that her son knew to reject Brimble’s sexual advances, the final step in a long process of grooming the boy for her own purposes. The entire ordeal took a considerable toll on the boy and his whole family.

The mother told the County Court that Brimble had deeply damaged her son in the course of her grooming him, under the guise of motherly love. While her daughters would draw rainbows and unicorns, the boy made brooding doodles of knives and death.

The mother further said, The Age reports, that Brimble, a firm believer in spells and the supernatural, was convinced her and the boy were “meant to be united in dreams for eternity.” She said she was repulsed by the way Brimble used “guile and artifice” to make her son doubt his parents’ love so she could take advantage of him.

According to the boy’s father, he believed that Brimble had cast a spell on him allowing her to see and hear anything he saw or said. It was this belief that kept him from confessing what Brimble had done to his parents.

“I feel sick every time I think of my son’s name tattooed on her body,” the father said. “Who knows what scars he will carry with him forever.”

The boy and his family have since moved out of the community, but still do a double-take every time they see a woman with bleached-blond hair like Brimble’s.

“I remain entirely baffled by Ms Brimble’s psycho-sexual profile and her motivation,” Judge Taft said. He agreed with the boy’s description that his teacher had been acting “weird.”