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Beautiful Female Bodybuilders You Don’t Want to Piss Off

Photo: Rumble

When you think of buff arms, strong shoulders, a broad chest, and protruding veins, you probably imagine the morphed physique of a male bodybuilder. However, men aren’t the only ones bulking up way beyond the normal standards — and these beautiful female bodybuilders prove it.

Prior to 1977, bodybuilding was considered a strictly male-oriented sport. Then in August 1979, promoter George Snyder organized a “female bodybuilding” contest known as The Best in the World contest, which was the first IFBB-sanctioned event for women that awarded prize money to the top finishers, with the winner receiving $2,500. Although sanctioned as a bodybuilding contest, women were required to appear on stage in high heels.

From there the sport has taken off. And once women began pumping iron to transform their bodies into exaggerated shapes, the game changed.

The opinions regarding women bodybuilders vary depending on who you ask. Some people say they admire their unique beauty and strength, they think they are incredibly attractive.

Others find them scary or describe them as grotesque.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: These are definitely beautiful female bodybuilders you wouldn’t want to piss off.

To the best of our knowledge, all of the women in these videos are indeed bodybuilders and have not been altered or photoshopped. We also suspect they have not done Synthol to bulk themselves up.

Do you think female bodybuilders are scary or stunning? Check out these two videos and decide for yourself.

Here’s another collection, featuring: #1. Tiffany Urrea, #2. Chassidy Smothers, #3. Susie Lin, #4. Amanda Latona, #5. Sarah LeBlanc, #6. Ashley Kaltwasser

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