Monster Mania! The Fendi Fur Monster Bag Trend

It’s been a several months since fashion brand Fendi tapped into our childhood memories. Having made fashion fun again, Fendi released “monster” bags and accessories – and to this day the international obsession is going strong with certain styles already sold out.

Fendi has designed the cutest, most stylish bag and bag accessories made of colorful leather and fur cutouts shaped into furry monsters and creatures (hence the name Fendi Fur Monster Bag). Fashion editors, style bloggers and fashionistas around the globe, including Kylie Jenner and Riley Keough, have been photographed toting these quirky looking bags and bag bugs.

These monsters come at a frightening price, with the bags ranging from $400- $5300, and $700 for the bag accessory. And what’s even scarier? They’re not easy to get as most have sold out.

But don’t worry. We’ve corralled a few of these guys that have been lurking around. Click below for available Fendi “monster” bags and accessories.

This time around you just might want some “monsters” in your closet.