WATCH: Woman Eats the Hugest Live Spider on TV Show

WARNING: The video above is highly unsettling and is not intended for all viewers. Please use discretion

If you think we have some crazy reality shows here in the U.S, you should check out what our friends across the pond are up to.

In good old England Ferne McCann has had to take on the worst eating challenge in the history of the popular British television show I’m a Celebrity. Yes, she eats a live water spider. And it’s totally as disgusting and hard to watch as you’d assume it would be.

In the video, you can see her tossing the spider around in a large glass to try to knock it into submission (while it’s trying to crawl out). The spider is so huge, you can barely imagine how it’ll fit in McCann’s mouth! And it does, but tries to wriggle out. So gross!

Needless to say, McCann wins the dare by succeeding. We have no idea where she pulled the courage to do this awful stunt, however. Regardless, she’s now officially an international celebrity now for doing the awful deed.

After watching this utterly disgusting feat, don’t say we didn’t warn you first.