Idiot Son Burns Ferrari Hoping His Dad Will Buy a New One

Not many people even have the chance of sitting in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but here we have someone who owned 15 cars, all luxury vehicles, but they weren’t enough. This guy takes the cake for being the most spoiled and idiotic young man ever.

The 20-year-old son of a Swiss millionaire set fire to his $245,000 Ferrari car so he could get an upgrade. The charred Ferrari was one of 15 cars that he owned, including a Lamborghini, which his rich father had also bought for him. In addition to his impressive car collection, this guy also had a property portfolio worth around $30 million and received around $10,000 a month from his father.

You’d think he’d feel blessed, no? No.

Today, the 20-year-old says he was advised by a car dealer to commit insurance fraud. That’s when he plotted with some friends to set fire to his car. In order to cover his tracks, decided to burn the car over the border in southern Germany.

He paid three accomplices around $15,000 to do the dirty work. Meanwhile he went inside a massage parlor and got a massage while the others committed car arson.

Unfortunately for this spoiled young man, security cameras quickly pinpointed who had carried out the car arson and all of the guys were caught.

The 20-year-old told the court his funds were depleted by the time of the incident and he was not brave enough to tell his father he did not like the Ferrari. We don’t know if he was lying again because the story on everyone’s lips was that he wanted an upgrade. But we do know this: He was sentenced to 22 months’ probation and fined $32,000.