WATCH: Fetus ‘Sings’ in the Womb After Hearing Music for the First Time

A new study recently revealed some interesting facts about fetuses. Apparently, they can hear music and just about everything else after 16 weeks, which is when their ears are fully developed.

Scientists at the Institut Marques in Barcelona even recorded a fetus detecting sounds and responding to the music by moving their mouths and tongues. A fetus singing — now that’s pretty incredible.

Researchers believe that the music stimulates the part of the brain involved in communication. This is why the fetus responds with movements that make it appear as though it were singing. When the music stops, so do the fetus’s movements with the mouth and tongue.

Music was emitted to the fetuses in two ways: via the abdomen and intravaginally. Clearly, there was much more movement with the intravaginal device.

What’s amazing about the results of this new study is that it’s clear babies can learn well before they are born, and all those moms-to-be who play music for their swollen bellies are not so strange, afterall. In fact, one of the doctors from the study said, ‘We are aware of and recognize the importance of talking to babies from the moment they are born to promote neurological stimulation.”

Check out the video above in which one adorable fetus rocks out to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita in A Minor and see this miraculously find for yourself.