Fifth Graders Arrested for Building a Bomb Made Out of What?

Four fifth-grade students in New Jersey were arrested for allegedly hatching a plan to bomb an area high school. According to reports, their plan was deemed completely unrealistic. Despite this, at first it raised concerns with authorities, and led to an initial investigation.

The ‘device’ turned out to be an empty tin for Altoid mints, filled with vegetable oil, salad dressing and cinnamon sticks. The supposed-bomb was determined to be non-flammable and not dangerous, but it did land the students in a whole heap of trouble.

The students, who ranged in ages between 10 and 11, form Clifton Elementary were initially detained by authorities. The plot of the two boys and two girls was uncovered while on a field trip, apparently.

It is believed that the children were trying to get revenge against a bully from the local high school, although no student from the high school has been identified yet.

The school superintendent said that the children did have an “intent to do harm,” and that they will be required to undergo counseling and psychiatric evaluation before being allowed back in classes.

No charges will be pressed, and the names of the children are being withheld since they are all minors.