Fifty Shades of Grey: The Magazine – One Reader’s Review

Did you know there is actually a Fifty Shades of Grey theme-based magazine out in the world? Yes, it exists, but we had no idea until we came across a hilarious article by Julie Gerstenblatt, in which she shares her experience with the magazine.

The one-off publication is called 50 Shades of American Women Who Love the Book and Live the Life, and was published in late August. The glossy cover of what we can only explain as a collector’s item, promises features that share sex secrets with the reader and polls that show women want to spice up their sex lives through role play.

But although the cover seems to point in the direction of the steamy, erotic type of features we would expect to see throughout a Fifty Shades based magazine, Gerstenblatt says this is not so.

“This magazine is like Cosmo with fewer articles about sex,” she writes and goes on to list the things she gleaned from the magazine upon completion, including how she “can have an ass like Anastasia’s [by doing] squats with 16-pound kettle bells,” as well as the interesting fact that “Women in a Mormon feminist book club read [the novel] and discussed it.” Well who woulda guessed?

She also commented on a poll that showed “82% of fireman interviewed (yes, you read that right, fireman) said that they would have a drink with Christian Grey. I have no idea what that means.” Neither do we, Julie. Neither do we.

Whatever you think of the trilogy (with a fourth book in the works, according to the magazine cover), there is no denying that the Fifty Shades craze has blown up and we haven’t seen the last of it, so we might as well just get used to it and hope for more hilarious commentary like Gerstenblatt’s, whose full article appears online here.