The Final Four: Which NFL Team Has the Hottest Cheerleaders?

With kickoff fast approaching, we can’t think of a better way to honor the upcoming AFC Championship game than to highlight the single most important component of the sport: the cheerleaders.

While some teams are stacked with sizzling sideline sensations, you’d be surprised to find out just how many cities don’t actually have a squad. We feel bad for those guys.

The AFC Championship game features the four best teams the league has to offer, with the Denver Broncos hosting the New England Patriots and one of the NFL’s best rivalries, the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers.

If not for these ladies, how are you supposed to get ready for some football, and all the hoopla that comes along with it? There’s absolutely no shame in checking out cheerleaders—that’s kind of what they’re there for.

On Sunday, Feb. 2, the field will be cut in half as two teams go head-to-head to become Super Bowl XLVIII champions.

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