25 Final Photos of Celebrities and Famous Figures Before They Died

When it comes to celebrity deaths, it’s been quite an intense year.

In just a few short months, we lost Maya AngelouJames GarnerRobin Williams and Lauren Bacall — all of them legends.

The above photos reveal some of the most iconic celebrities and famous figures in their final moments before death. And while there’s something incredibly morbid about these last photographs, getting a glimpse into their fragile states is a stark reminder that, despite how much fame or money someone may acquire, in the end, we’re all mortal beings.

Some of the biggest stars to ever grace us with their presence perished way too soon.

Another realization we came across while compiling this post was just how much talent we have lost over the years. We also began wondering how different our world would be if these people were still alive today. If you ask us, it’s a little heartbreaking.

But those who left us will surely live on through the contributions they made while they were here. They may be gone, but they’ll definitely never be forgotten.

View the 25 final photos of celebrities and famous figures in the slideshow above.

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