WATCH: Intense Firefighter Competition Will Blow Your Mind

One expects a firefighter’s movements to be careful and deliberate from the effort of lugging heavy fire-hoses while wearing an estimated 65 pounds of gear with a bulky jacket and mask. However, unless you’ve actually been a firefighter, or seen one in action, it’s unlikely you realize just how much strength and agility goes into the job.

But here’s a glimpse into their world: This video of firefighters taking part in a “fastest ladder competition” will blow you away with the amazing speediness with which these men scale the side of a fake building.They also compete in relay races and flaming obstacle courses with ladders, hoses, and fire extinguishers.These guys should really take the competition to the Olympic games.

While these firefighters are not in full gear, and probably have a bit more range of movement than if they were fully suited-up, they still demonstrate the immense physical demands of the job. No wonder firefighters are renowned for their sexy muscles!

Luckily for everyone, it turns out there are a lot of these types of firefighter competitions that happen around the world, and there are a bounty of YouTube videos chronicling the events as firefighters in full gear race up fire escapes, drag hoses, and ax their way through the course.

Check out the competition above.