Firefighter Receives Face Transplant 14 Years After Becoming Disfigured

After nearly 14 years after a tragic accident that disfigured his face, Patrick Hardison is getting another shot at life. Patrick, a Mississippi firefighter was saving multiple people from a house fire when he was burned.  In August he received the face of a Brooklyn cyclist who died in a bike riding accident during a 26 hour face transplant surgery.transplant

Despite the 50-50 chance of living, to Patrick the risk was worth living a normal life again. While Patrick is 41-years-old his donor was only 26. The preparation process took 12 hours, nearly half the time of the actual operation as the transplant cover Patrick’s skull completely and included both of his ears. Prior to this procedure he had recieved 71 operations after he was burned in the accident.

The extensive surgery cost about $1 million which according to ABC was paid for by a medical grant.

The photo above shows Patrick’s incredible transformation from the start of his transplant to earlier this month.