Firefighter Responds to Emergency Call – Discovers Wife & Son in Car Wreck

As a firefighter Aaron Van Riper answers emergency calls and helps those in need at the scene of accidents all the time.But it was one accident Saturday morning in Riverside, Texas that put things on a very personal level.

He responded to a call for a head-on collision, when he got to the scene of the crash he barely recognized the car due to the amount of damage. His wife Amber was on the ground after being ejected from the vehicle and his son was trapped inside. Aaron immediately leaped into action, putting to use everything he knew in an effort to save his family. Amber and their son were transported by a helicopter to a hospital in Huston.

While he was able to get his family to the hospital safely, he told KTRK the situation was intense and frightening. “Once I saw my son […] I started going into a little bit of a panic mode,” said Aaron.

Amber’s pelvis broke in five places and she underwent nine hours of surgery. Her condition is reported to be improving. Their seven-year-old son has a broken arm and leg.

Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account where money can be donated to help pay for the hospital bills. They estimated the total to come out to about $50,000. They have raised over $40,000 in donations from 1,166 people so far.