Firefighters Get Fried in Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

Four firefighters were shocked to find their ice bucket challenge didn’t go so well.

The fighters were helping students of Campbellsville University in Kentucky pull off a mass ALS ice bucket challenge when the incident occurred. They used a fire department vehicle to spray gallons of ice water onto the college’s marching band on a field below, but a nearby power line wound up injuring the fire fighters operating the machine.

The two closest to the power lines, Captain Tony Grider, 41 years-old , and Simon TA. Quinn, 22 years-old, had to be airlifted to the University of Louisville Hospital where they are being treated in the hospital’s burn unit.

While Grider remains in serious condition, Quinn’s status has been updated from serious to fair. Two other fighters were shocked by electricity coming down the vehicle’s ladder, Captain Steve Marrs, 37 and Alex Johnson, 28.

“From talking with power company technicians, if you get within a distance of three or four feet, the energy that surrounds the high-voltage wire will actually arc over onto another object,” Campbellsville Police Chief Tim Hazlette told WAVE, “in this case being the personnel occupying the bucket.”

We can only hope Quinn and Grider come out of the incident alright, so the good intentions of the ALS ice bucket challenge don’t turn into something tragic.