WATCH: San Diego Fireman’s Selfie Goes Viral

A selfie taken by an exhausted firefighter intended for his wife has been sweeping the internet.

Tim Bergon has been battling the Coco’s fire near San Marcos in San Diego County since its beginning stages. To let his wife know he is safe after several days of not seeing her, Bergon takes this selfie that has become a national sensation.

After being posted to local restaurant Plan 9 Alehouse’s Facebook page, the photo was reposted by grateful viewers, with captions such as “thank you so much for what you do” and “Amazing work!”, and “Thank you for all of the homes you have saved, including mine!.”

This particular San Diego County fire is now 87% contained and has wiped out almost 2,000 acres of land. Firefighters like Tim Bergon have been working tirelessly to put an end to it. We wish them safety and all the best.
fireman's selfie