FIRST LOOK: Photos from Film Adaptation of Ender’s Game

Fans of Orson Scott Card’s beloved 1985 sci-fi novel, Enders Game, have waited a long time for this!

A film adaptation of the book is in the works and Summit Entertainment has already set a released date for November 1, 2013. After waiting nearly three decades, another 11 months really doesn’t seem like a wait at all.

Stars of the movies include Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as Ender and Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff. Gavin Hood, from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Tsotsi, is directing the project.

In case you’re wondering, the dark ending of the book is to remain in the film. Hood reassures fansThat ending — and the complex moral questions that it raises — is one of the reasons why I love the book. I promise you that it is very much there.”

As we wait for next November to roll around, here are some first look pictures from the film. Also, be sure to check out the film’s official Facebook page for more updates.