First to Know’s Most Popular Video of 2012

Whether it was a snowman scaring the lights out of holiday shoppers, a dog that really, REALLY didn’t want to go for a walk, or the hilarious reaction of children who thought they had been jiffed out of their Halloween candy, we had a lot of fun sharing great videos with you this year. And judging by your reaction, you had a lot of fun with them too.

We had a variety of things like new music videos, live streamed events and the latest viral sensations to mention just a few. But out of the slew of exciting and entertaining videos we shared, the most popular one by far was a hilarious clip of Melissa McCarthy — titled “When Spanx Go Horribly Wrong” — on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show, where the Bridesmaids actress publicly reenacted her horrifying experience with Spanx.

We could explain more, but we think Melissa does it best. Check out our most viewed clip of the year.