Fitness Buff Drinks 10 Cans of Coca-Cola Daily for 30 Days to Prove a Point

By now you probably already know drinking soda is not the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, but one man wants you to know just how detrimental the effects of the fizzy drink can be and went through some pretty extreme measures to prove it.

Fitness buff George Prior challenged himself to down 10 cans of Coca-Cola a day for a whole month and tracked the changes in his body, reports The Mirror. Now, we’re all for trying to encourage people to be healthier, but subjecting your own self to an unnatural amount of junk was never something we fully understood.

Nevertheless, Prior believes sugar is a big enemy and wanted people “to be aware of the real and powerful damaging effects of sugar on their health” as he piled on 28 pounds during the 30-day period and saw his blood pressure shoot up from 129/77 to 145/96.

“I think there are a lot of people suffering health problems like diabetes and heart disease, who aren’t aware they could help themselves by just stopping sugar,” he said, adding his thoughts and hopes for the marketing techniques of big name companies like Coca-Cola. “I’d like to see controls on the lobbying and spending of big corporations who sell sugar and don’t want the government to tell people how bad it is.”

Check out the video above from the conclusion of his experience, and to learn more about Prior’s month-long challenge check out his YouTube page by clicking here.

Although Prior’s story is a warning tale about unhealthy consumption, recently a man had the opposite result when he switched to what’s perceived as one of the least healthy options in dining: He adopted a McDonald’s only diet for 30 days, but ended up losing weight and getting healthier.