Five-Foot Snake Slithers out of Toilet in San Diego

No, it’s not just a disturbing urban legend, or something that only happens in South America. It can happen here too.

A five-foot-long snake unexpectedly slithered out of the toilet at a public relations and marketing firm in downtown San Diego, according to a Facebook statement by the city’s animal control department. An executive noticed the toilet’s water level was unusually high and went to plunge it.

That’s when the snake slithered out of the toilet bowl of this “chic PR firm” and advanced towards the presumably terrified executive.

Animal Control officers arrived later to find the snake hiding behind the toilet. In the course of removing the boa constrictor, it bit one of the animal control officers. Don’t worry, he’s okay, but you might want to panic if you happen to own a toilet, or a sink, or any sort of plumbing system.

According to Dan DeSousa, deputy director of the Department of Animal Services, although it’s unclear how the snake wound up in the plumbing system, this sort of thing isn’t completely unusual, particularly in rural areas or old buildings with stone foundations.